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The source of many discomforts occurs when the spinal cord, the vertebrae, or any of the thirty one pairs of nerves attached to the spine are subjected to trauma, the consequences can be far-reaching. Since each of these nerves connects directly to different parts of the body, a spinal injury - either recent or almost forgotten - can ultimately create discomfort in various extremities (feet, knees, hands, etc.) as well as the spine itself. The doctors at Boyd Chiropractic Clinic specialize in treating spinal injuries resulting from accidents, improper lifting, occupational strain, and even faulty posture. Ultimately, we are proud to bring you diversity and choice for all of your special needs.

Therapeutic Exercises

At Boyd Chiropractic Clinic, we will develop specific rehabilitative plans for each individual. This includes conditions of the neck, back and extremities. Various exercises included are stretches, strengthening using bands or weights and balance and coordination using the exercise ball.

Ultrasound/ EMS


This is a passive therapy used to reduce inflammation that occurs in the acute phase of an injury. 


Electrical Muscle Stimulation

This is a passive therapy used to control pain, reduce muscle spasm, or to reduce edema to help speed recovery.

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